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FAQ - Important Info Here

Any emails asking for this information will be directed to this page. It saves us a lot of time to not answer the same question multiple times per day. Time saved is headers made.

Do you have __________ item in stock?
- We will keep this page updated with in stock status. THIS IS UPDATED DAILY


- All Items Are In Stock except for C8 Stingray Catback Exhaust


How long will it take to get my parts?
- If they are in stock (look directly above), your order will be processed and shipped via UPS or USPS. Most orders ship in 1-2 business days, but you can expect up to 5 BUSINESS DAYS for processing. If they are not in stock above, expect a wait time of up to 60 days so that we can make them before shipping. You will receive an email when they ship with tracking information (if available). All parts are shipped to the address on file on your order - NO EXCEPTIONS.


My email says that my parts say shipped, but the tracking number doesn't work or there was no tracking number included.
- The label is printed when we are ready to start packing your parts. It takes us up to 5 business days to get them packed and shipped out. Just relax and have patience - Don't email us to ask when they will ship or why your tracking number does not work. If you did not receive a tracking number, your item was shipped USPS and tracking number is not provided. Your order will arrive in 5-9 BUSINESS days.


Can I pay more to get my parts faster?
- We ship them as fast as possible.


I am in HI, AK, PR, or APO/AE and I am told that I have to pay extra for shipping?
- Yes. Our webstore does not properly calculate shipping for locations outside of the continental USA. We will send you a link to pay the extra shipping charges for your order.

Do you ship to...?
- If your location is anywhere in the 50 states, PR, APO/AE, or Canada, the answer is yes. If your location is anywhere else, the answer is no.

When will the parts be in stock?

- If you want parts and they are not in stock above, place your order and wait like everyone else does. We will not answer questions of when something will be in stock.


Why can't you give me an answer as to EXACTLY when my parts will ship?
- We make parts as fast as we can. Stopping to find out where your order is in the queue, calculating how many days until your headers ship based on the number of daily sets we can finish, and accounting for activities with our families takes time.

- If your item was not in stock when you placed your order and it has been less than 60 days since you placed your order and they haven't shipped, take a deep breath and relax. You knew that parts were made to order before you placed your order. We've always been up front with that. Don't email us.

- If it has been more than 60 days since you placed your order and it hasn't shipped,  take a deep breath and relax. We will get them out as quickly as possible and you will receive an email when they ship. As stated above, Covid-19 has caused delays in raw materials. We're going as fast as we can. Don't email us. Sensing a trend here?


I didn't see ________ part on your website. Do you make it?
- Yes. We have made them invisible on our website for you, but everyone else can see them. You're THAT special.


Can you make a custom modification to my product before you ship it to me?
- No.

Can you sell me part of a kit? I just need 1 piece.
- No


Do you offer discount codes?
- Our ONLY discount code is IAMACHEAPASS. Use it so that we know that you are.


What about Military Discount?
- See above for our ONLY discount code.

- Seriously?

Do you offer dealer discounts?
- So that you can profit off our hard work without doing any work yourself? Everyone gets the same price every day. You make plenty of profit off your hourly install rate.

Tell me more about your lifetime warranty.
- Our lifetime warranty covers MANUFACTURING DEFECTS for the original purchaser for the life of the product. Customer is responsible for shipping both directions on warranty work outside of the first 15 days after delivery. We do not do advance replacement under any circumstances; all parts must be shipped back for repair. As a company that sells parts to modify vehicles, we follow the Magnusson Moss Warranty Act as it relates to our lifetime warranty. This means that if you modify our part, it DOES NOT void the warranty. However, if your modification (or add-on) is the cause of the damage, the cost of repairs is your responsibility. For example, adding header wrap, jet-hot coating, or o2 spacers to your headers does not void your warranty, but if the wrap causes water to be trapped and the headers rust through or the o2 spacers cause a weld to fail, any repair cost is the customer's responsibility.

You have a part listed on your website that I am trying to use for some other purpose, will it fit?
- Our parts are clearly listed for their intended purpose. If you want to use them for some other vehicle in a custom application, you are on your own.

I ordered Mustang GT Performance Pipes, but the driver's side cat is welded on from the factory, what do I do?
- The product page clearly states that the kit includes a new WELD ON flange for where you CUT OFF your factory cat. WELD. CUT. CUT. WELD. Don't be a pinecone.


Do you include o2 extension wires with your headers?
- All headers include o2 extension wires for the rear o2 sensors. YOU DO NOT NEED EXTENSION WIRES FOR THE FRONT O2 SENSORS ON YOUR CAR. To the best of our abilities, we will send you the proper wires for your vehicle and year, however, some vehicles have o2 sensors that are "non-standard." Therefore, we do not guarantee that our o2 extensions will be plug and play. We do not have other o2 sensors - what we have is what is in the box. You may be required to cut and splice for o2 extension.

Will your parts cause my vehicle to have a check engine light?
- If you remove catalytic converters completely, you will have a CEL for cat efficency. To the best of our ability, our products that include catalytic converters (including sport cats, catted headers, etc) are designed, and we include the parts necessary, to avoid check engine lights. We do not, under any circumstances, however, 100% guarantee the avoidance of a CEL. Any company that 100% guarantees that their parts will not throw a CEL is lying or they are selling you cats that have the same flow restrictions as stock cats - and therefore provide zero benefit.

Do you include instructions with your parts?
- Our parts are designed be installed by a professional and do not include instructions. We do not have instructions to provide to you. We do not provide installation assistance.


I need to cancel my order.
- Cancellations can be made at any time prior to order shipment but will have a 20% cancellation fee to cover the fees that we don't get back and our time to process your cancellation. Cancellation fee is in effect for cancellations made due to customer inability to follow directions and/or threatening/abusive emails. Cancellations take 5-7 BUSINESS days to be refunded to your original payment method.


I decided that I don't want my parts anymore, can I return them?
- We can accept returns within 15 days of order delivery. We only accept returns on items that are BRAND NEW (that means not modified, never installed or attempted installation). We do not provide return labels under any circumstances, you are responsible for return shipping costs. Returns are subject to a 35% restocking fee and no refund on original shipping costs. To obtain return shipping instructions, please email us at [email protected]. Refunds on returned items will be processed within 3-5 business days of return, that gives us time to verify the return meets the above criteria.

Why were my parts shipped back to you and what can we do about it?
- In general, there are 2 reasons why parts get sent back to us. Either you provided an incorrect address/zip code or you/someone at your delivery location refused the package. In either case, we can ship the items back to you, however, you will be responsible for shipping costs again. If you choose to not have the items re-shipped, they are subject to the 35% restocking fee.


My mechanic says that these parts don't fit. Can you help me?
- Your mechanic is wrong. Find a competent one. Seriously. The parts fit and every thing we make are welded on jigs that are tested. They fit.